Krystle Allison Flower

Krystle Flower is a digital artist based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. With an Associate in Arts in Liberal Studies from College of San Mateo and a Baccalaureate in Arts in Media from UC San Diego, she has been utilizing her artwork to showcase social and politcal causes for well over five years. Her primary focuses are on Photoshop manipulation (with almost ten years experience), website design (with almost ten years of experience) and flash design (with almost 7 years experience). In recent years, she has also expanded her resume to include film and digital photography, as well as various studio pieces. Currently Krystle is working on her Masters in Fine Arts, Web Design and New Media from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

She is a driven team leader, who strives to learn and grow as an artist and continue the tradition of being one of the best in her field. Her experience as both a team captain and mentor has given her tenacity, perseverance and the ability to flourish under any circumstances. She does not hesitate to try out new ideas and concepts and is always up for an adventure.

To contact Krystle for a PDF Resume and Digital Portfolio, please email